Raised with the violin under his pillow, Julian Klaas aka Plateau Green was admitted to the Conservatory of Music at the age of 15, where he was intensifying his violin studies as a young student. After shifting his focus to electronic music production – still being inspired by the organic tone language of Gustav Mahler’s Symphonies in particular – he decided to take that older influence to new territories and record, produce and sing his own kind of „organic electronic music“. For his Debut EP Plateau Green has created 5 pieces of dreamy electronica, gently linking elements of alternative pop music with experimental soundscapes and soft electronic beats.

The EP’s title The Arch of Our Eye’s Orbit is derived from a verse by the 14th- century Persian poet Hāfez. In a famous persian painting from the 16th century, this title is written/engraved onto the lintel of a window – an impressive, early reference to the limits and the subjectivity of what we are able to see, while permanently looking through our own window of perception, our eye’s orbit. In the context of the EP, the bony orbit of the eye (the cavity our eye is situated in) can be seen as a our individual window of perception, but also as a symbol for our human existence in a broader sense. This way, the EP talks about the dream of being able to separate from our human self, to find our original state of being, floating in universe, like suspended matter, and the peaceful acceptance of our earthly being and existence. „The idea of reaching back to one’s own personal origin, the wish to become innocent and naive to this world have been the main inspiration for writing these songs“

The Arch of Our Eye’s Orbit“ has been produced with the experienced helping hands of German drummer and electronic musician Nicolas Sierig („Joasihno“), and acclaimed fellow musician/producer „Occupanther“, who was joined by Plateau Green for his recently released feature singel „Akira“. Plateau Green’s Debut EP is available as a limited heavyweight white 12“ vinyl edition, sold via Rough Trade (US) and Bandcamp (international). It is also available digitally via iTunes/Apple Music/Spotify.